Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girls, Boys and DotA

Great Concentration
1. A man whoplays DotA will pay alot of concentration in the game because he is in love with the game. This is good in the future as they would love their own choice of job. Plus, the sexiest manly moment comes when they are concentrating in doing something so you should find a chance to look at him while he is playing DotA then you will understand what I am saying is the truth.

Dont Give Up Easily
2. DotA players do not give up easily and it's the same spirit like athlete in sports. Besides that, they have the experience to resist failure for example DotA players tend to argue and scold each other noobs if you do not have that positive attitude to resist, you might already given up (applies in real life).
Guys who play DotA do not give up easily in real life too =D.

3. In DotA no matter how badly you had been pawned and bullied, you must have the gentlemen attitude and accept the truth, game end, defeated, bullied, tortured, yet you have to say GG (Good Game). To be straightforward, DotA players are humble and careful which is a good requirement for choosing a husband =P

Very Patient
4. Extremely Patient-The game doesnt begin with a win, DotA players fight their best to earn a favourable situation by planning, farming, ganking or breaking towers, they need to slowly control the possession with patient n calamity in their mind. So choose a husband that is so patient la.. Can live forever with him peacefully

A Very Good Sandbag
5. Solid defending attitude- Every DotA players surely had been fully skilled and torture by their opponent before and surely had been torment to unavoidable death. Since they already know their fate, they still put on a smiling face. It means that it is great to have a boyfriend that you can scold and hit yet still smiling. So, if you wanna beat your partner, he will let you beat.

Very careful, Very Observant
6. Cause DotA is a game that must observe your surroundings so you can sense what your partner feels la.. and very considerate.

Alert & React Faster
7. DotA players response faster than you think, they are very alert. Their response are obviously faster compare to non-DotA players. So pick a guy that knows how to response spontaneously to be your life partner.. Not necessarily Jet Li or Jackie Chan but pick a guy that is smarter (DotA players =DD)

Good Knowledge In Handling Computers & Internet
8. You can randomly choose a DotA player and he will talk to you 3 days 3 nights from choosing a system unit to a mouse to a keyboard until how to operate it to the requirements required or keeping yourself up-to-date to the recent technology. In the future, surely computer and internet will dominate the world so choose a guy that knows how to operate computer and internet to be a husband else go out laugh by people.

Can Accept Shocking News Or Pressure Easily
9. No matter you are ready or not you will be gank by the enemies. Dunno when you will die out of sudden also. So every DotA players are not afraid of anything that suddenly occur to them. In life we always have problems and problems, if a man give up easily when facing a problem, do you still choose him as your life partner?

Good Planners
10. Knowing what to do every moment is the basic instinct a DotA player should be very good at. Means DotA players should know what to do always in planning, ganking, calculating opponent level and experience, watching their steps where they would appear next, spotting the enemy gathering spot and the way they attack. They will manage their life properly for example next day is your birthday party, should plan ahead and nicely. Next day go buy rice and also remember to buy sauce.

Know How To Earn Money
11. In DotA money is the main source of income, no money equals to no items, no items equals to no matter how you play also wasting time. So every DotA players also got a very good habit, earning money, after farming so hard to earn the money, finally can buy the item they want after saving it for so long, Sacred Relic (3800 gold). So find a DotA player, means finding a man who earn money and save it so your future will be very nice. At least husband earn, and wife spend.

Very Good In Resisting Beautiful And Sexy Gals.
12. When facing beautiful gals like Lina, you wont even give her a chance to seduce you, sending her to her base immediately. So find a DotA player, gals sure no need to worry, they are very loyal.

13. DotA players are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team. Sacrifice their lives in order to make sure their attacker earn money easily in the end. This kind of people in family or in society can think and care of others and do not have a selfish attitude.

In conclusion, not every DotA player can do very well for the points mentioned above but it does not mean they do not have the ability, is you have not discover and investigate the possibility. So give them more time, else you may regret for whole life. DotA is not only a sports or match for testing skills with opponent, it is also one of the important tool for a gal to choose their life partner. Choose a DotA player, it is the way to pursue happiness =)

Notakaki: Benda ni aku jumpa kat Notes kawan aku. Walaupun x setuju, tapi dah macam agaksetuju la.



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